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Sales Quotations and Sales Orders

SAP Business One users can add configured products to Sales Quotations using B1 Configurator.

Once the user selects the product they want to configure within SAP, the user is guided through a series of questions and answers. The answers resolve to a list of Items that will be the configuration. The Items are added to the Sales Quotation or Sales Order.

Pricing is obtained dynamically from SAP as the configured product is created.

Internal Sales Quotations

Product Rules

The product rules are created and maintained in CIS ModelBuilder an easy to use system, by your product expert. Their knowledge is then embedded in the configuration models.

Internal Sales Orders

Production Order-BOM's

BOM’s are optional. If BOM’s are required B1 Configurator checks to see if the identical BOM with identical quantities has been created before, and uses that BOM ID if not a new BOM ID is generated

Optionally the Configurator can be launched in the Production Order. Production, Sales and Assembly BOM’s are supported.

Production with Model Builder

Take a quick look at a SAP internal user creating a Sales Quote with B1 Configurator